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Monitor Your Mouth with a Bluetooth Tooth

5 de agosto de 2016

When we say Bluetooth® technology is everywhere, we mean it. Researchers at National Taiwan University developed a Bluetooth enabled tooth. Yep, a tooth. The researchers are hoping the tooth will help people better understand potentially harmful habits and health problems. It fits as an artificial tooth and includes an accelerometer monitoring movement and transmitting data via Bluetooth technology to a smartphone.


A study of eight subjects had a sensor installed and were monitored while coughing, chewing gum, drinking water or reading out loud. “According to the team, the sensor was able to correctly identify the particular oral activity with a 93.8 percent success rate when it combined the data from all eight subjects.”

There is some interesting market potential here, folks. I would love to see if I am eating too much, not chewing enough or not getting enough water. I can also see it analyzing people who smoke to help them quit.

Source: National Taiwan University (PDF) via Motherboard

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